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The Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs

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This Combo offers the following courses:

Reading the Proverbs 
We may know that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” (Proverbs 9:10) but what does it mean to be wise, in a biblical sense? What value is there in thinking, behaving, and living wisely? And how do we achieve biblical wisdom? In this study of the book of Proverbs, find answers to these questions and more as you explore the vast treasures of wisdom preserved in this book, written centuries ago.

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The Book of Proverbs 
Students discover the role of wisdom in the book of Proverbs by doing an exegetical study of the book itself in its cultural, historical, and literary settings. The course begins with an analysis of the book’s structure and purpose, focusing on the forms of wisdom literature as seen in the literary structure of Proverbs. Waltke then moves to poetic analysis and finally to the prominent theme of wisdom that permeates the book. Students are encouraged to apply wisdom themes to life.

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