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This Combo offers the following courses:

Introduction to World Christian Missions
God has one unified, global purpose for all He does. This course introduces the exciting biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic dimensions of His plan. It addresses key issues: the basis of and necessity for world missions, and the status of and plan for world missions. Students are introduced to the basics they need to pursue missionary training or to help lead their local church in its global ministry.

The History of Missions through 1983
History is “His Story”: the account of God at work establishing His purposes and His Kingdom. In this course, Dr. Kane covers the historic development of the Christian world mission in chronological sequence from Pentecost to the birth of the modern missions movement (1800). He then introduces the modern period along geographical lines: Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. The course culminates by evaluating the missionary achievements of the past and the prospects for the future.

Urban Mission and Ministry
As the cities go, the world goes – politically, intellectually, economically, socially, and religiously. This course addresses Christian mission and ministry in the world’s growing cities. A biblical basis for urban ministry is presented and case studies of effective urban strategies worldwide are examined. The course provides key logistics, strategies, models, and insights from one of today’s leading experts in urban missiology. Throughout the lessons the instructor emphasizes holistic ministry, i.e., meeting all needs: social, civil, and political, as well as the spiritual.

The Missionary Encounter with World Religions
Nothing demonstrates the pluralism of our world better than religion. Christians must be able to respond to the myriad of religious systems that permeate society. This course develops a biblical theology of religions by studying current models and approaches. Using major religious systems as examples, the lectures sketch five characteristics of all religions. Students will learn the major concepts in religious encounter, including the concept of elentics, various definitions of “religion,” and the five magnetic points of religions. The course culminates with practical suggestions for approaching world religions evangelistically.

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