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Journey Through Hebrews

Journey Through Hebrews

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Have you ever had second thoughts about being a Christian? Sometimes it’s hard to stay committed to Jesus amid the daily onslaught of worldly wisdom, tedium, and temptation. Let the book of Hebrews remind you about the Author and Perfecter of our faith; who He is, what He did, and why it matters. Be encouraged by the unique truth of a God who became a man to die in our place and who, as our eternal High Priest, will return bringing eternal rest for those who have anchored their faith in Him. This devotional series from Our Daily Bread Ministries provides assistance to those who desire to spend time with God in His Word, book by book. The daily insights will help Christians discover the precious, life-transforming wisdom of the Bible, inspiring them towards a closer walk with God. Perfect for personal devotions.

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Number of Pages - 132
Binding: Paperback
Colour Pages

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