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This Combo offers the following courses:

The Missionary Encounter with World Religions
Nothing demonstrates the pluralism of our world better than religion. Christians must be able to respond to the myriad of religious systems that permeate society. This course develops a biblical theology of religions by studying current models and approaches. Using major religious systems as examples, the lectures sketch five characteristics of all religions. Students will learn the major concepts in religious encounter, including the concept of elentics, various definitions of “religion,” and the five magnetic points of religions. The course culminates with practical suggestions for approaching world religions evangelistically.

Encountering Islam: Understanding and Sharing with Muslims
The nature and practices of Islam draw worldwide intrigue. What do Muslims believe? Why do they defend their beliefs as they do? How do we present the gospel to them? This course examines Islam from both a Christian and a Muslim perspective, covering the history and validity of the Koran, Muslim theology, the role of women, and the places of Christ, the Bible, and the Trinity within Islam. The goal of the course is to understand the Muslim mindset, and to learn how to share Christ from within that mindset.

Urban Missiology
The large cities of the world present enormous challenges and opportunities to the church of Christ. The purpose of this course is to develop a relevant evangelical practice for the church within the urban context, understood as contextual, or local theology. This course will expose the student to various dimensions of post-modernity as examined by several contemporary authors. The goal of the course is to help learners develop pertinent theological, missiological, and strategic initiatives for urban settings that can be applied to their own ministry.

Evangelism in the Local Church
Christ’s final charge was the Great Commission: to “make disciples of all nations.” We fulfill that charge when we take the Gospel to the nations and to our own nation through our own local church. In this course, Dr. Green instructs us on how to do evangelism within a local church setting. Building on the biblical mandate for evangelism, he discusses personal and group methods for evangelism in a variety of settings, how to equip laity to witness, the use of apologetics, follow-up methods, and current issues in evangelism. Throughout the course, Dr. Green focuses on practical application and workable solutions for evangelism in local church and parachurch ministries.

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