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Available for God's purpose

Available for God's purpose

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God is magnified not by the able but by the available
We can spend all the time we want identifying our spiritual gifts, studying Scripture, and preparing to serve others. But what really counts is our availability and attitude. Will we respond with a hearty "Yes!" when God calls?
Whether we feel properly equipped or not, God can and will use us to advance His kingdom. Elisha was out plowing a field when Elijah put his cloak over him, identifying him as his successor and indicating that it was Elisha's time to serve. And even though Elisha could probably have come up with many excuses, he accepted the call and successfully pointed his generation back to God. Bill Crowder wonderfully weaves the lessons learned from Elisha's life with modern day stories to inspire us to be ready for our mission.
Let's learn from the available life of Elisha so that when God calls, we can willingly respond.

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Number of Pages - 120
Binding: Paperback

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