Bible Quizzes and Games - All About Jesus

Bible Quizzes and Games - All About Jesus

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Get kids excited about Jesus! This entertaining collection of crosswords, word searches, picture puzzles, and quizzes provides hours of fun. Kids will discover the amazing life of God’s Son—from the prophecy of Jesus’s birth to the miracles He performed, the parables He shared with the disciples, and more.

These Bible-themed activities include

  • 20 eight-question quizzes with Bible references for finding the answers;
  • 3 games related to each of the quizzes;
  • a complete  answer key; and
  • bold, fresh artwork from Our Daily Bread for Kids.

A delightful play-and-learn experience, Our Daily Bread for Kids Bible Quizzes & Games: All About Jesus helps kids understand who Jesus is, why they need to know and love Him, and how much He truly cares for them. It’s an ideal gift for children ages 6–10, offering a great way to keep them busy anytime and anywhere. 

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