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How Can A Parent Find Peace of Mind? (Study Guide)

How Can A Parent Find Peace of Mind? (Study Guide)

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God's Strength and Wisdom for a Difficult Task

by Our Daily Bread Ministries

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In the middle of a quiet day, when everything is going well, the last thing you expect is for your child to push your buttons. And how you respond can make the difference between your child feeling a gusting wind of rage or a cooling breeze of calm.

How Can a Parent Find Peace of Mind? shows you how to take a wise and loving approach with your child as it examines the biblical model of the parent-child relationship. Gain insights and find godly principles to help you . . .

> Love your child the way God loves you.

> Stay calm and identify teachable moments.

> Bring out the best in both your child and yourself.

This 5-lesson study helps current and future parents or parent-focused small groups to discover and experience God’s peace even during the most difficult times of nurturing a child.

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