Journey Through Colossians & Philemon: Growing Strong in Christ

30 Daily Insights from God's Word by Mike Raiter

by Mike Raiter

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If the Christian life is like a race, how do we ensure that we finish the race, and finish strong? Let the letters of Colossians and Philemon serve as a guide and source of encouragement as you press towards this goal.

The letter of Colossians is a beautiful blend of theology and practical teaching, through which the apostle Paul urges the young church in Colossae to grow strong in Christ, reminding them of His promises, character and authority.
In the letter of Philemon, Paul gives us a wonderful insight into the dynamic, transforming nature of Christian fellowship.

Unpack the treasures contained in these letters and let the teachings within guide you towards maturity in Christ Jesus – the Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer of everything.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN: 9781627078450
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 72
PubDate 1 Feb 2018


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